God will give only those obstacles that you are able to overcome

God will give only those obstacles that you are able to overcome

Sometimes you think what life is unfair because of the overwhelming amount of problems. You are short on money, relationships gone wrong and you family does not understand you. You feel abandoned and it seems that nothing will help you and the only solution is suffering for you sins. But this is a negative perspective because the Lord will give only those obstacles that you are able to bear and overcome. In fact there is always a way out and there is always room for small everyday miracles.

The state of your mind is important. Atheist would think that life is unfair and it is comprised of random events and some people are just lucky to have a better life circumstances. And they think that way despite of the fact that there are multiple examples of winners that has started low but overcame their habits and become successful, happy and wholesome.

God will give only those obstacles that you are able to overcome – why is it true?

Every human comes to this planet for a reason. Everyone have their own way and a mission to fulfill. God is merciful and he loves every single one of us. He knows our abilities better as well as our limits. There is no reason for Him to stage obstacles that are not relevant. The task and any kind of experience are given so you could learn from your mistakes and become better. And by becoming a better person you will be one step short to enlightenment and peace.

Making effort to understand why you are trapped in a certain situation is the best way for accepting and realizing what lessons are to be learned. God is wise and the best way you can do is to trust His decisions. He loves you and wants you to be happy. But He can’t let you falling into darkness. Love is not always a sugar – sometimes you should salt pepper to become more organized, skilled and wise.

God is not making your life harder. And in most cases problems and obstacles that form in your life has been made by your personal efforts. There are no accidents and all you can do is to become humble and accept that every problem is a small lesson which brings you closer to Heavens if you are wise enough to understand it.

This discussion brings us to conclusion that every problem in our life is a lesson and they are given for a reason. Consciousness is the key to become happy. One should see that God is taking care of you and watches your every step. And again – He knows you limits and will never tempt you beyond you natural abilities and talents. Believe that you can overcome you obstacles if you practice faith and hard work.

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