Faith that pleases god

Faith that pleases god

Human faith is a powerful spiritual implement that helps to break mental barriers and get close to the spiritual component of being. It makes people wonder in what its better to believe in and which kind of faith is pleased by God. To answer it, let’s turn to the scriptures, which clearly state that the faith that pleases God is a belief that comes from God. To figure out what it means, we need to review 3 main aspects, on which blessed faith is based.

1. There must be faith in Christ.

You can believe in anything — the earth, your guardian angel, the miraculous powers of prayers to the ancestors, in the energy of the universe, etc., but only faith in Son Christ will be pleasing to God.

2. The faith should be obedient.

Faith in God should not be empty but reinforced with deeds. It like the vessel of life must nourish God’s children with beneficent deeds. God won’t stand idly by if you will ask for help and make the first step. You must do everything as good, as possible, so God will guide you and help to receive what you desire. Even the faith without works is dead (James 2:20).

3. True faith always passes the test.

Faith that endures through trials is pleasing to God. According to biblical scripture, faith does not guarantee deliverance from all problems of life, but it helps to deal with them. Only having an undeniable faith in God and his strength, as well as working to eliminate difficulties, you can have a better life. God loves strong and helps the weak people to fight with difficulties, in return for a pure and immaculate faith in The Creator.

In conclusion, it is important to say that the real faith that pleases God consists of sincerity. God loves a pure and truthful faith that, through trials, becomes strong and unshakable. Only such kind of faith helps to find true spiritual balance and create an atmosphere around that is pleasant for God.

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